KissAnime is one of the best sites to watch anime online. No matter what age group or gender you belong to, watching anime never gets old. People like to different things in their free time, some love to watch movies, some love to listen to music and some love to just do anything. But if you are one of those people who love watching anime on Kissanime then this article today will really help you out. KissAnime is really a great site to watch and download anime shows from. You can get animes which date back to 80’s as well as many anime shows which need a premium account to watch on other anime based sites.

But as a KissAnime site user myself I would like to bring it to your notice that Kissanime does create some problems once in a while. though KissAnime does go down. But if it does, you are left with no other option to watch anime shows from. And if you only know about kissAnime to watch anime then I can help you out.

As today I am going to talk about sites like Kissanime that offers with free anime to watch from. Yes, you have heard it right, we will talk about much more anime watching sites that offer with free anime streaming and downloading option. So without further delay here is the list of the top best sites like Kissanime.

List of best sites like kissAnime:

  1. 9Anime:

Just like KissAnime, 9Anime is a very popular site to watch and download anime online. Just like KissAnime, 9Anime offers with all the same features, starting off from enjoying premium anime shows too. Just KissAnime, 9Anime has over 25,000 different anime shows which are a huge database to choose from.

BUT if you don’t find any anime series or episode that you want to watch that isn’t there on the 9anime then you can write a request to upload it to the site. You will never have to worry about the video quality of 9anime as they offer with 360p, 480p and 720p video resolution of the video.

As a new user of 9anime, you will never find it hard to get what you want to watch. The interface of the site is really easy to use and can offer with easy to navigate through windows so you can easily watch what you need and when you need to.

Click here to visit KissAnime:

2. AnimeLab:

Coming next on this list is the AnimeLab. This is also a great alternative to KissAnime that you can use every single day. But unlike KissAnime, you can’t find premium anime from Netflix on AnimeLab but you can get all other animes shows to watch from. AnimeLAb has a big collection of more than 20,000 anime shows to choose from. So as an anime lover, you should definitely visit AnimeLab.

You can watch AnimeLab contents from your Android device, iOS device, PlayStation, Chromecast, AppleTV, and XBOX. So matter what device you are using, you can be sure that you won’t miss a new episode.

AnimeLAb has a special feature where you can read about any new anime that you want to watch and the rating as well as current watchers who rate the anime based on their experience. This is really a unique feature which helps you to conserve time by choosing and filtering out the best anime genre that you want to watch from.

Click here to visit AnimeLab:

3. Anime Season:

Anime Season the perfect alternative if you find KissAnime site to be down for any reason. Through Anime Season isn’t better then KissAnime but you are sure to find and enjoy every single anime you want to watch. Anime Season has all the movies and season of your favorite anime shows.

The quality that you can enjoy from is really great too, you can watch your favorite anime on 360p, 480p, and even 720p. And the genre of anime shows that you can watch from is also huge as a result you can customize two more genres together to enjoy a more interesting anime that has more action, comedy, and adventure as well.

Talking about the user interface of the Anime Season website, it has a very user-friendly site just like Kissanime. You can simply visit the site and search for the anime that you want to watch from the search tab and start watching anime you want to watch, it is as easy as that.

Click here to visit Anime Season:

4. AnimeFreak:

Coming to the next on this list is the AnimeFreak site AnimeFreak site. this site a really popular one as this site was once a competitor of KissAnime. But with increasing competition, AnimFreak couldn’t cope up, as a result, it has fallen to number 4 onthis list. But don’t worry as this site is more than a hand full to handle your desire to satisfy you anime watching needs.

There is a lot fo genre of anime to watch from as well as the quality of the videos offered is in HD which can be browsed from Mobile devices as well. So you are looking a site that is similar to KissAnime but has an older update.

Animefreak is really a site worth visiting as you are sure to not come back empty-handed as the site allows you to download all the anime shows you want without any account.

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5. Chai-Anime: 

LAst on this list of sites like KissAnime is Chai-Anime. I suggest this site to all the anime watchers out there who want o watch older anime like DragonBall, Naruto Titan and more. This site comes with a list of the best anime shows that are old but don’t worry about the video quality as you will get the original quality of video launched at that time.

And if you are a fan of dubbed anime shows then this site is also a great choice for that. You can also get subbed as well as an original version without any sub or dub if you want.

Click here to visit Chia-Anime:

To conclude it with:

So these were the list of the top 5 best sites like KissAnime which you can browse from. Also, you can choose these list of sites if you are facing a problem with Kissanime. No matter what the reason might be, if you are searching for a list of sites like KissAnime then here are the top 5 sites like KissAnime that you can choose from.

If you liked this list of top 5 best sites like KissAnime then leave a comment below and let us know about your new personal favorite site like KissAnime.